The twin Lakes

This walk follows the curve of a valley between two man made lakes. The lakes were created to enable the local population to grow rice and create fish farms on the valley floor. As you walk along the good, well trodden paths, you will see the beautiful lush rural landscape the surrounds the valley floor. The walk is easy with just a few minor inclines and takes an average of two and half hours to complete. The total distance if you do the full loop is 12.38 Kilometers or 7.69 miles. Below is a gallery of photos that were taken along the route to give you an idea of what to expect.

The route starts and finishes at the Azizi Life where there is secure free parking and also fairtrade Rwandan Handicrafts for sale.

If you are planing on exploring the rural communities yourself and would like a few tips on how best to sensitively interact culturally then please have a look at our Guidance Notes.  Or if you would like to hire a guide to not only help you with the directions on the walk but add in some fascinating local knowledge then have a look at the Pathways website to instructions on how to book one.

Here are the links you need to be able to download our map and printable route description.  Please remember to activate the GPS on your phone so that you can see where you are.


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